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Flowers 3D

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Flowers 3D

Directed by Martial Mingam

Projection during the Associated Manifestations of Nuit Blanche in Paris, the Forney Library

Reproduction of seven models of Martial Mingam series in an eponymous film follows the same ambition: to play permanently with the fragile boundary that distinguishes the real from the illusion. The 3D here to better perceive the graphic structure of the flowers, they are presented in a cinematic world that binds a target priority boost time observation of the viewer. This allegorical film is a unique and captivating spectacle that leaves no one indifferent. Between scientific work and experimental research, it is then observed that the mutation flowers Martial Mingam is envisaged primarily as an exploration of contemporary imagery. "Flowers" is a coproduction Ciel de Paris productions and Mikros image. Original Music by Cyril Faret.