Ce n'est qu'un début

Just A Beginning

Directed by Jean-Pierre-Pozzi and Pierre Barougier, produced by Ciel de Paris.
With the pupils of Jacques Prévert Nursery School, Mrs. Pascaline Dogilani and Mrs. Isabelle Duflocq.

With the participation of CNC, Image de la Diversité
With the support of Région Il de France and GRDF
France distribution and International sales by Le Pacte
(Japan, South Korea, Australian, Spain and Benelux released)

"Just A Beginning" follows a nursery school class for a period of two years. But this is a very unusual class as the children, aged three to five study... philosophy

Seated in a circle around a ritually lit candle, the children, in a fresh, funny and sometimes merciless manner, approach the universal subjects of love, power, difference, growing up, death etc. Little by little the philosophy workshop becomes a privileged moment where each child reflects on the words of the other, learns how to listen and to build a discourse. From now on they will be able to think for themselves!

With their emotions, their unusual expressions and their contradictions, the children of this nursery school deliver a single testimony on an innovative experiment. "Just A Beginning" is the fabulous true story of a school with an eye on the future.

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- Festival of Francophone Film of Tübingen-Stuttgart - Junior Jury Prize, 2011
- Festival of French Film of Tel Aviv, 2011
- The Alliance Française Film Festival (Australie), 2011
- Festival Internaziolane del Film di Roma, 2010
- Festival of Nouveau Cinéma in Montréal, 2010
- Festival International du Film de La Rochelle, 2010
- Festival Paris Cinéma, 2010
- Hamptons International Film Festival, 2010
- Festival Ciné 32, 2010


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