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Do you think adults are smarter than children?  -Well, no, because they say: "you know nothing, you know nothing, you know nothing". But we know things, anyway!

 ''Just A Beginning'' - Matis 5 years-

Mily Miss Questions 
Format : 130 x 7mn S1 : 78 x 7mn  S2 : 52 x 7mn 

Target : Kids  Broadcast: France 5 - Okoo

Mily Miss Questions The Incredible Adventure

"The only quality required to become a good philosopher is to be amazed. All small children have this gift. […] However, it seems that this gift of being astonished is lost while growing. Why this ?" Jostein GAARDER, “Le Monde de Sophie”

For 10 years, the film '' Just the beginning '' has participated in the development of workshops with a philosophical aim around the world. The experience of kindergarten children allowed everyone to understand the challenges of this practice. The Mily Miss Questions animated series facilitates the implementation of philosophy workshops in cycle 1 and cycle 2 classrooms with 130 comedy programs of 7' we also organize screenings for children in theatres.

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