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Dear readers, Dear parents ...
The questions asked by children from an early age make you aware, then the universe of Mily Miss Questions is surely made for you ...
Are you sometimes caught off guard by their questions? You swore to answer later, but finally everyone forgot? or even you don't know what or how to answer?

Everything is normal, that is also why Mily Miss Questions was born...Because all questions deserve to be asked, Mily Miss Questions is undoubtedly series for you and your children

Mily has become the heroine par excellence of all the questions and topics that can be discussed with children. At the age of eight, stuck between her little sister Lola (4 years old) who won't let go of her and her teenage brother Luc (14 years old) who is crazy about music, Mily lives in a family context that has surely pushed her to find her own way...
So Mily explores life and her everyday life as a child with her fabulous Pop the Smart Dog. Through the episodes and these 130 themes, she shares the universe of her family and her emotions with her club of friends Maceo, Juliette, Gaspard and the twins but also discovers cultures or people very different from her, like Penelope or Ella. Mily confronts her everyday questions as much about her origins as about friendship, as much about school as about her city. Mily who is astonished is also Mily who grows up using the word "why" as a boarding pass to an unknown land.

Our heroine's secret lies in the pleasure of investigation! Curious by nature Mily realizes that the world is even bigger when she asks a question! Especially when she begins to understand that these questions are not going to bring her an answer but a lot of new questions!
Mily would like to become an astronaut in order to keep asking questions, but she also stumbles thinking that it's a job for boys only...The great adventure is going to start in her neighbourhood with a question:
Are there jobs for girls or for boys?
That's why, Mily is an 8 years old heroine adored by boys and preferred by girls!
Mily is a cartoon that encourages children to develop curiosity, nurture the imagination and understand that by formulating they learn to better express themselves and structure their thoughts in order to develop an argument, confront their points of view with people who don't think like them.
With Mily, the children will share their questions and have fun thinking about the world of tomorrow. Designed to be entertaining, France Télévision has understood this by programming it on Saturday mornings to share the weekend with the family for exciting conversations.
Miss Questions is a game...and a collection. Why not discover it before your children do!